Headlines and how to Use the Discussion Forum

What in the world are headlines? Whenever I clicked on Skillshare, it would tell me to add a headline.

I had no idea what a headline was. Fortunately, the August teach challenge has a nice ‘Discussion’ forum where I could ask.


I got the answer very quickly. A headline is what’s written underneath your name. That wasn’t too hard. Picking one, on the other hand, wasn’t easy. As you can see above, I asked that question 21 hours ago. It took me until now to figure out which headline to give to myself.

‘Cooking teacher’? No, that sounded as if I was some kind of professional cook – and I’m not. Definitely not. While I think I’m good at cooking, I’m nowhere near being perfect.

‘Passionate cook’ might have been good but once again, I thought it would make me look like a professional. And there’s nothing worse with someone trying to come off as someone they’re not, so I went with ‘Crazy About Cooking’, which I think is going to fit my course well.

If I had designed travel classes, I would have gone for ‘The World is my Playground’. I’ve been dying to use that one for ages. But as I mentioned in my last post, it’s not going to be about traveling but about cooking.

Something else occured to me while I thought of a headline. Everyone on Skillshare is extremely nice. I’ve made a post to introduce myself and got a few replies. I’ve replied to others as well and I love reading about their projects. It’s a great community.

Spending time there and getting to know the others might help me with marketing my class. I see this as an added bonus to getting to know everyone else who’s doing the challenge with me. And once I’ve published the class, I’ll see if that Discussion forum can be useful to help me get my first 25 students.


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