First Class Published!

I cannot believe I finally managed to publish my first class. Video editing was a pain. The only software I have is Windows Live Movie Maker (more on that later) and it kept crashing. I spent an hour trying to convert my ‘Chopping’ project file into a video file that I could upload but I never made it past 70%. Sometimes, the programm would shut down after 2% already. It took a couple of reboots and switching off the internet and my virus programm before it finally worked.

But anyway, away from those negative things. I put together seven videos and uploaded them to Skillshare. All that was then left for me to do was create two documents. In my conclusion video I had promised my students to upload a shopping list they could print out and take to the grocery store and written instructions of how to make the recipe.

Personally, I hate cooking while having to watch a video over and over again so this was a must to include.

If you’re interested in looking at my class, you can find it here:

Cooking for Beginners: Making Your First Meal from Scratch

All I need to do now is promote the class. I’ve gotten advise from David Miller, who also published classes on Skillshare, to keep publishing more classes quickly, while making improvements on them. I think this could work well. Anyone who has signed up for my class will get notified when I publish a new class. That means that over time, I should get more and more followers.

But first, I need to reach 25 students. It’s the number you need to be more visible on Skillshare and it’s all about visibility. If people don’t find my class, then how will they sign up for it?

Do you have any marketing advise? If yes, please share it with me.


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